Hidden Pines Custom Home Build

Photo of custom home build in the Hidden Pines community in Fort Myers, Florida.

Work-In-Progress: Hidden Pines Community

Name of Property Build: Hidden Pines
Location: Fort Myers, Florida
Budget: $1.2 Million
Project Start & End Date: Sept 2018-June 2019
Size: 5,738 square feet
Project Details: Two-story contemporary-modern home with 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, fitness room, billiard room, family room, outdoor pool and kitchen, and a 3-car garage.

Project Brief

Our client came to us to build them a custom home, complete with their personal design touches. Since the couple were both in the medical field and had three children, having the perfect place to come home to was important. They wanted a home that would be ideal for raising their children, while having a beautiful space for entertaining friends and family.


One of the challenges we faced was needing a large quantity of fill for the outdoor pool area. Instead of trucking in large quantities of fill, we used the dirt from the excavation. This helped us cut down on costs of the project.

Another challenge we had to plan for was anticipating long lead times for certain materials. That was the case for the roof tiles, since delivery was expected to be 12 weeks out from order. We worked with our clients to select the items that had long lead times early in the process, to be sure materials would arrive in time.

Project Progress

We have the basic structure of the Hidden Pines home completed. In the photos below, you’ll see two construction stages. The first stage is what is called the “shell” stage. This is where we get the first and second floor of the exterior laid out with cinder blocks. With that completed, we moved up to build the roof.

With the exterior structure of the home finished, we started working on the installation of the rough framing for the interior walls. Then, we completed the rough plumbing, electrical and in-wall blocking.

Next on our list is installing the windows and doors!

Our Project Role

Coastal Craftsmen is serving as the construction manager for this project. We manage scheduling subcontractors, negotiating contracts, navigating permitting authority, and administering project documentation for the owner and lender.

As with every project, we provide the client with updates from start to finish. This includes a complete budget at the conceptual stage—the client is notified of updated budget throughout the project stages. We also provide design-related scope to finalize architectural details as required. During each stage of construction, we have scheduled meetings with the client to review progress and any pending decisions.

Project Partners/Contractors

Architect: JC Robalino, Inc.
Concrete and Masonry: R. Way Construction
Roofing: J&H Roofing
Lender: Finemark Bank